Cancer Aware Skin Care for Health Compromised Skin

Cancer aware skin therapies are not typically incorporated into standard patient care in most doctor’s offices, hospitals, or cancer centers. We offer a full range of certified cancer aware skin care treatments and products.

With the numerous skin care related side effects from cancer treatments, cancer aware skin care therapy can provide great benefits including easing discomfort and skin reactions due to cancer treatments, improving skin health, and restoring a sense of well-being. Although cancer aware skin treatments do not treat cancer, these treatments are part of a holistic approach to help the client look and feel better, cope with cancer, and ease the skin related side effects of cancer treatments. Many patients are unaware that skin care therapies are available to help heal their skin. I believe that people with cancer must make skin care decisions with the best available information, including the importance of understanding the ingredients in their products and making safe skin care choices.

Restorative facials for health compromised skin are special treatments that soothe irritation, deeply hydrate skin, and restore natural skin function. The COSMOS-certified organic skin care products I use contain nurturing plant extracts that help your skin return to its naturally healthy state. All the products I use are approved by Oncology Spa Solutions as safe and effective for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.  

What spa services does an Esthetician certified in cancer aware skin care provide?

  • Safe and appropriate facial treatments, customized for each client.
  • Expertise in skin care products and safe ingredients.
  • A relaxing atmosphere away from the stress of everyday life.